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Hold me close in the light and shadow. Together we are rooted, together we are stronger than the elements. ~Nichelle Gregory

"I don’t love casually.
When I love, it’s fierce.
It’s my soul ripped
wide open and raw.
It’s my whole heart
on display.
It’s all I have and
everything I know,
handed over to you,
like a gift.
And I hope you
unwrap it gently."

- S.L. (via jolimoineau)

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"In the hands of the right man, a woman is a hundred different women, limited only by imagination and His willingness to make her feel safe and lead her."

- (via southerngirlk)

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You all know her as the eccentric Abby from NCIS…. but look at how fucking stunning she is when she’s not all Gothed up (not that she isn’t adorable then!) … and get this, she’s 45 yrs old!! **Jealous**